Church of St. Dimitrios

It is the main church of the parish of the refugee settlement Ayios Georgios Acheritou-Vrysoulles. Located in the centre of the community where after the Turkish invarsion a small church was build. St.Demetrios was build in 1988 it is a standard three aisle vaulted basilica.

It was consecrated by the late Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos A on the 24th September 1989.
the interior has been painted by the Serbian Vladivir Milits and a small section by the Kepola Brothers and donations were also made by the innabitants of the Community.
In the church of Ayios Demetriou there are relics from the church of the now occupied Acheritou.



There are icons of St.Georgiou (16th Century). The Vigin Mary (second half of 18th Century) smaller icons of the resurrection and the birth of Christ (19th century) silver chalice, bibles books and a silver cross (1912).
The church celebrates on the 26th October the name day of St.Demetrios.
The church also celebrates Ascention day (40 days after Easter) before the invarsion in 1974 the celebration took place in the church of the Assention in Acheritou.


Head: reverend Christodoulos

Chaplain: Fr Andreas Antoniou

Church Council: Constantine Kyratziis (chairman), reverend Christodoulos Christodoulou, Fr Andreas Antoniou, Andreas Lefteris Michael Koullapis, Andriani Karapitta and Michael Paraskevas Adam.

Chanters: George A. George, George Yannoukou

Former Parish Priests Parish Settlement: Mouskos father George (1974-1984), Father Demetrius Taliadoros (1984-2000), Archpriest Basil Nicholas (2000-2001), Philip Philip Butler (2001-2008) and Father Stavros Stavrou (2008 - 2009).

Former Chanters: Kyriacos Exometochitis Psaltis (1975-2008), Georgios Kyriakou Psaltis (2002-2011).


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