Church of Panagia Trapezas

Church of Panagia Soumela is three kilometers north of the village Acheritou. This building period of Latin, which today is shaped the architectural type of aisled domed church.

Trapeza according to the information given by Nearchus Clerides in his book "Villages and State of Cyprus," pp. 235, was near the present village Acheritou was destroyed during the invasion of the Mamelukes in 1425  together with other neighboring villages. Those residents had left, they stayed in their village, because in 1563, the Venetian era, tried to rebuild the church of Panagia Trapezas, but it seems that the settlement gradually declined, and in 1707, finally dissolved.

It is believed that the church of Panagia Trapeza was the main church of the medieval town, which gradually deserted, leaving the church as a single signal memory of history.



The church after the Turkish invasion was used for a long time as a stable, once erected the makeshift entrance. The entire floor of the temple has been excavated internally by looters. It seems that the floor of the medieval church were burials, which antiquarians have identified and removed the content in leaving some broken pottery.

The interior of the church was decorated with murals. From the fragments that survive today is a clear effect of antiquities, which destroyed several of his paintings, and many other distinguished now half ruined the dome on pendentives and lower surfaces. The paintings included in the Cyprus-current renaissance of painting developed in Great Island on Venetian and only adorn the western dome and surfaces below it. In the church are preserved also fine examples of sculptural architectural decoration of Latin, with the dome of the roof forming a cross. Stone inscription engraved misspelled the south, outer wall of the temple preserves the information of the renovation in the 16th century.



Every year on November 21-the feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Church of Trapeza was a big festival, where crowds of worshipers attending there to monitor the operation and worship the image of Panagia which went every year on this day in the temple.

Near the church of Trapeza were the church of Agia Paraskevi and Agios Andronikos which were completely destroyed.

The icon of Panagia Trapezitissas after the Turkish invasion kept the sacred Temple of Saint Demetrios in our community.

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