Church of Analipseos

The Church of the Ascension is the great church of the occupied village Acheritou which is dedicated to the Ascension of Jesus.Celebrated 40 days after Easter is always on a Thursday.

The building began in 1906 and ended in 1923. Masons who built the church was Giakoumis Kakoullis Chatzitheoulis with his sons Adamo and Apostoli.

Chatzitheoulis later paid all the expenses for the construction of the shrine.



Chanters of the church originating from Acheritou was Constantinos Mouskos Thomas Chatziantonis, Nicolas Charalambous, Andreas Paraskeva Tsiekkas etc.

The Church of the Ascension was inaugurated on 11 October 1936 by the governor of Cyprus k.Leontio archiepiscopal throne.

fter the capture of the village Acheritou by the Turks in 1974, many icons and a few candles were transferred to the settlement and survived.

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