Christakis Petrou (Papallis)

Was born in Acheritou 31/5/1955.His parents  was Peter and Habu Papalli. He was the fifth child of eight children in his family. He attended primary school in the village. Practicing the profession of mason. During the days of the Turkish invasion he was transferred to St. John Chrysostom, and from there to "White Muti."

The last time he saw his family was 15 days before the invasion of 1974 he was on leave.Since then he is missing. Reportedly fell fighting on July 21 in “Aspri Mouti” with 5-6 other commandos.


Giannakis Tziovanis

Born on October 10, 1949 in Frenaros. His parents were George and Evdokia Giovanni. He was the only boy in the family and had two other sisters. He was a pupil at primary school, when in 1958 the family moved in Vrysoulles, where his father opened a restaurant. After elementary and high school, he learned the art of car mechanic. When later, after performing his military service sought work on ships, reached the rank of second marine engineer. In the army he served in the sabotage group and later in B.M.H Nicosia.

After his dismissal he took a job at sea. The summer of 1974 was on leave at his house. Once the sirens sounded announcing the beginning of the invasion he envolled in the army, Yiannakis responded willingly. He was a reservist, he could avoid enrolling, since he was an English passport holder.
Between the first and second phase of the invasion, Giannakis came to leave the village. As if he had a bad feeling and came to say goodbye to his loved ones. During the ceasefire he was called back to his unit for service. The battalion, the 706 Engineer Battalion, was sent to Kyrenia for mines.

He fell fighting for Faith and Fatherland on August 6, 1974 at the fall of the Lapiths.

On November 11, 2010 his remains were identification and the remains were buried.


Costas Elia (Afxenti)

Born in Acheritou on November 8, 1956. His parents were Elias and Chrystalla Afxentiou. He was the second child of 12 siblings. He attended primary school in his village where he graduated.

He was a blacksmith and worked in Acheritou. He served in the 32nd Commando Battalion in Stavrovouni and later transferred to St. Chrysostom. The day of the invasion was in White Moutti.

Last time he met his parents were on 31 August 1974 at Ercan Airport. Since then he is missing.


Vassos (Charalambous) Sergiou Pigioti

Born on October 18, 1948 in Acheritou. His parents were Panagis and Eleni Sergiou.
He was the second of eight siblings. He graduated from elementary school and followed the occupation of bricklayer. He entered the 70th Engineer Battalion at B.M.H When the invasion began he was called to the battalion. Part of the battalion moved to Famagusta Bougassie mining area "Ampelouthkia." On August 4 he saw his parents and siblings for the last time. On August 6 was located Lapithos-Karavas. There he was beaten mercilessly in the Order of Turkish fire. Since then he is missing.


Andreas Soteriou Mantoles

Born in Acheritou on 18 October 1948. His parents were Sotiris Artemisia Basili Mantoles.He was the second of seven children in his family. He went to high school three years. He worked as a cleaner. He married Harita Neophytou from Orca Kyrenia and had 2 children. He served in the 251 Infantry Battalion at Myrtos. On July 20 he enrolled as a reservist in Glykiotissa.

On July 21 he came back home to his village Olive. When the Turks landed he went into hiding with many relatives and fellow villagers in a house. When they were found the Turks were told to run in pairs and they were shot.Andreas was holding at that moment his baby infant John. When he was shot and wounded the baby also in the head. The bones were identified by DNA method and he was buried on 19 July 2008 in the cemetery at St. Athanasios Limassol.


Christofis Prodromou(Chatziikki), Gregorοu Georgiou

Executed on 31/8/1974 in Acheritou day occupation of the locality "Skouroumathkia" within the territory of the British bases on 31/8/1974 the day was made by the Turks conquered Acheritou.


Yiasoumis Tsiouroutis

Murdered by the Turks on 19/10/1975 while tending his sheep at "Pervolia Jews" because he allegedly approached the Turkish outpost in the area.

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