Church of Panagia Sumela

The construction of the church of Panagia Sumela was initiated by the friendship link students Panagia Sumela, where he hosted in July 1976 for 22 days free from care Pontian ladies hostels in Thessaloniki Soumela.

Helping the priest , ecclesiastical committee and many faithful donors and where to volunteer to work and contributions helped build the temple.



The church is located in the courtyard of the elementary school of our community. On 14 November 1999 the cornerstone was placed. The Opening took place on 15 August 2000 by the priest Vasileio.

On 05 November 2000 inaugurated by the Bishop of Salamis k.Varnava. The opening was attended by a delegation link Greece-Cyprus friendship from Thessaloniki to head the President k.Anna Theofylaktos.It is the only church of Panagia Sumela throughout Cyprus and faithful copy of the miraculous icon.Celebrated every year on 15 August.


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