AEN Agios Georgios Vrysoules/Aheritou is the football team of our community. Established in 2004.The last 4 years the team struggled in the championship of POAL where he won the league and cup football in 2011-2012. Participated in the integration of the KOP championship where he took first place.

The year 2012-2013 for the first time participate in the fourth category.



The Board and the members of the team 2012-2013 year are:

President: Antreas Georgiou

Vice President: Stefanos Evagorou

Treasurer: Antreas Kiriakou

Secretary: George Menoikou

Members: Pavlos Elia, Giannis Piki, Christos Charalambous, Paschalis Paschali, Erakleous Iraklis.

First Division Championship 2012-2013: