The Community

The President and the Members of Acheritou Community Council of the Famagusta District that have been elected in the Municipal elections of the 18th of December 2011, in accordance with the "On Communities" Law, N.86(I)/199, are the following:

Full Name: Michalis Kaounas (President)
Telephone: 99-637792

Full Name: Dimitra Chatzimichael (Vice-President)
Telephone: 99-993771

The members of the Community Council are:

Full Name: Iakovos Kontozis
Telephone: 99-595503

Full Name: Giorgos Kyriatzis
Telephone: 99-146185

Full Name: Eleutheria Komodromou
Telephone: 99-166055

Full Name: Antonis Paraskeua
Telephone: 99-260408

Full Name: Neoklis Ioannou
Telephone: 99-471494

Full Name: Stefanos Euagorou
Telephone: 99-053010

Full Name: Panagiotis Dimitriou
Telephone: 99-605928

The staff of the Community Council are:

Full Name: Antri Agkathiari Petrou (cashier)
Telephone: 23-962346

Full Name: Dimitris Simeou
Telephone: 99-482780